Population of Tripura 2019: Population Density and Growth of Tripura

Tripura is a northeastern state of India and is the third smallest Indian state with an area of 10,491 km2. It is bordered by Bangladesh to the north, south, and west, and by Assam and Mizoram to the east. The state has a tropical savanna climate and experiences heavy seasonal rainfall from the south-west monsoon. Tripura is the most literate state in India with a literacy rate of 94.65%.

Population of Tripura In 2019

After Assam, Tripura is the second most populated north-eastern state of India. As per the 2011 national census, the total population of 3,671,032 has 1,871,867 males and 1,799,165 females. To calculate the population of Tripura in the year 2019, we have to go through the past years’ population, study the pattern and then calculate the approximated value.

2014 – 3.84 million

2015 – 3.88 million

2016 – 3.94 million

2017 – 4.42 million

2018 – 4.546 million

Following this pattern, it can be said that the population of Tripura is increasing at the rate of 0.126 million people per year. According to this, the population of the state in the year 2019 will be 4.546 + 0.126= 4.672 million.

Demography of Tripura

Tripura is the second most populous north-eastern state of India. The state has a sex ratio of 961 females per 1000 males, which is greater than the national sex ratio of 940. 70% of the population consists of Bengalis while the Tripuri population forms the rest 30%. The state’s scheduled tribes consist of 19 ethnic groups and many sub-groups, with diverse languages and cultures. Hinduism is the majority religion followed by 83.40% of the population and Bengali is the most widely spoken language.

Population Density and Growth of Tripura

The population density of Tripura is 350 persons per square kilometer. As calculated in 2011, the population of the state was 3,671,032, constituting 0.3% of the country’s population. According to that census, the total population growth in this decade was 14.84 percent while in prior it was 15.74 percent.

Facts about Tripura

  • For several centuries, the state was ruled by the Tripuri dynasty. It was the independent princely state of the Tripuri Kingdom under the territory of the British Empire known as Hill Tippera.
  • Tripura is the home to five anticlinal mountain ranges running north to south, with intervening valleys. It stretches from Boromura in the west, to Atharamura, Longtharai, Shakhan and Jampui Hills in the east.
  • This state is widely noted for its fine bamboo and cane handicrafts.
  • Tripura offers plenty of attractions for the tourists in the form of magnificent palaces, splendid rock-cut carvings and stone images.
  • The state of Tripura has the highest number of primate species found in India.

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