Population of Odisha 2019: Facts about Odisha

Orissa is the 9th largest and 11th most populous state of India located in the eastern part of India at the coast line of Bay of Bengal. Odisha is also known as the “Land of Temples” due to its unique and world famous temples such as Jagannatha’s temple, Lingaraja Temple, Konark Sun Temple etc. Oriya is the official language of the state which is spoken by nearly 33.20 million people as per the census of 2001.

The ancient kingdom of Kalinga, which was invaded by the king Ashoka coincides with the modern day boundaries of Odisha. Cuttack was the capital of Odisha till 1948, after that Bhubaneshwar became the capital of Odisha. A lot of tourists visit this state due to its unique designs and temples.

Population of Odisha in 2019

 According to the census of 2011, the population of Odisha is 41,947,358 people, out of which 21,201,678 are males and 20,745,680 are females.

Odisha is the 3rd most populous state in India as far as tribal population is concerned. In order to estimate the population of Odisha in the year 2019, we have to look at the trend of population increase in the previous years.

  • 2013 – 43.1 Million
  • 2014 – 43.7 Million
  • 2015 – 44.3 Million
  • 2016 – 44.9 Million
  • 2017 – 45.34 Million
  • 2018 – 45.78 Million

It is not easy to predict the population of Odisha for the year 2019, but if look the population of Odisha in previous years we can see that the average increase in the population of the state is 0.488 million people every year. So, we can estimate that the population of Odisha in the year 2019 will be 45.788 Million + 0.488 Million i.e. 46.27 Million people approximately.

Demography of Odisha

Odiya is the official language of Odisha and it is spoken by most of the peoples here. Bengali, Urdu, Hindi speaking people are in linguistic minorities. The literacy rate of Odisha is around 73 % with 82% of males and 64% females are literate in the state. The sex ratio is 978 females per 100 males which is better than the national sex ratio of India. ST and SC population in the state is 16.53% and 22.13% respectively. As per the data of the year 1999-2000, about 47.15% of the total population of Odisha lives below the poverty line which is nearly double to the national average of 26.10%.

Population Density and Growth of Odisha

269 persons per square kilometer is the population density of Odisha. The population of Odisha was around 3.68 Crore in the year 2001, and it is increase by 13.97% in the census of the year 2011.  The population of Odisha is estimated to be growing at the rate of 1.4% per year.

There is a drastic increase in the Christian population in the state as per the data of census.

Facts about Odisha

  • A large number of Devotees visits the holy city of Puri, Odisha every year to offer prayers to the Gods.
  • The popular cities in the state of Odisha are Bhubaneshwar, Puri , Konark etc. All of them are visited by a lot of peoples every year.
  • The “Odissi” dance of Odisha is one of the oldest and finest dance forms of India. Chhau dance, Mahari dance, and Gotipua are the few other dance forms of Odisha.
  • The modern state of Odisha was established in the year 1936 during the British Raj. Since then, 1st April is celebrated as the Utkala Dibasa in the state of Odisha.
  • The Human Development Index of Odisha in 0.442 as per the 2011 census.

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