Population of Nagaland 2019: Population density and Growth of Nagaland

Nagaland is one of the seven sister states in the northeastern part of India. It shares the borders with the states like Assam, Manipur and Arunachal Pradesh. Nagaland also shares an international border with Myanmar. Kohima is the capital and Dimapur is the largest city in the state. The area of Nagaland is just 16,579 sq. Kilometers and population is 19, 80,602 that makes it one of the smallest state in India according to the census of 2011.

The state of Nagaland was official created on the 1st December 1963 with Kohima as its capital. Agriculture is the main economic activity of Nagaland with rice, millets, corn, pulses and tobacco as the main crops. The terrain of the state is mostly mountainous except the areas bordering Assam Valley. The state is facing insurgency and inters ethnic violence since the decade of 1950.

Demography of Nagaland

Dimapur is the most populous district of Nagaland with the population of 379,769 people followed by Kohima with 270,063 people. Longleng is the least populous district with a population of just 50,593 people. As per the data of 2013, 10% of the rural population and 4.3% of the urban population of Nagaland is living below the poverty line. English is the language of the state as per the declaration of Nagaland Assembly in the year 1967. Apart from English, the Nagamese language is also spoken widely in the state. About 88.1% people of Nagaland follow Christianity, making it one of 3 states in India where the population is mostly Christian.

Population of Nagaland in 2019

The population of Nagaland is around 2 Million with around 1.04 Million males and O.95 Million females. We have to take a look at the Nagaland’s population in recent years in order to predict the state population for 2019.

Year State of Nagaland Population
2013 2.7 million
2014 2.86 million
2015 2.92 million
2016 2.98 million
2017 3.121 million
2018 3.2052 million

As we can see in the table above the Nagaland’s population is gradually increasing with the rate of 0.0842 million people every year. Hence we can estimate that the population of Nagaland in the year 2019 will be population of 2018(3.2052 million) + 0.84 million = 3.2894 million people (approx)

Population density and Growth of Nagaland

The population density of Nagaland is 119 person per square kilometer which less than the national average of 382 people per square kilometer. The comparison of state’s population according to the census of 2001 and 2011 is given in the table below:

Census Total Population Male Population Female Population
2001 19,90,036 10,47,141 9,42895
2011 19,78,502 10,24,649 9,53,853

As shown in the table the population of Nagaland drops between the years 2001 and 2011. It is only Indian state to show population drop according to the censuses. The number of people in Nagaland is equal to 0.16% of the total population of India according to the 2011 census. This figure was 0.19% in the year 2001.

Facts about Nagaland

  • One sixth of the total area of Nagaland is covered with subtropical and tropical evergreen forests. The state has a largely monsoon climate with a high level of Humidity.
  • The state of Nagaland celebrates the “Hornbill” festival every year in the month of December. This festival is named after the most famous bird of Nagaland called “Hornbill”.
  • There are 16 tribes living in Nagaland. Each tribe has its unique culture, customs and dress.
  • The state is well connected by roads and has a minimal railways access.
  • Nagaland also has an Airport located in the city of Dimapur.

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