Population of Meghalaya 2019: Demography of Meghalaya

Meghalaya is one of the northeastern states of India. The word Meghalaya means “the abode of clouds” in Sanskrit. The population of Meghalaya is expected to be 3,211,474 as of the year 2016. The total area of Meghalaya is 22,430 square kilometer with having a length to breadth ratio of 3:1. The state shares a boundary with Bangladesh division of Sylhet and Mymensingh in the south and Assam to the east. The capital of Meghalaya is Shillong, which is also known as the Scotland of East.  Meghalaya was used to be a part of Assam till the 21st January 1972. The principal languages in Meghalaya are Khasi, Pnar and Garo with English as the official language of the State

Population of Meghalaya in 2019

The total population of Meghalaya as per the census of 2011 is 29, 64,007 out of which 14, 92,668 are females and 14, 71,339 are males.

In order to predict the population of Meghalaya for the year 2019, we have to analyze the population of the state during last 6 six years as given in the table below:

Year Population
2013 3.14 Million
2014 3.23 Million
2015 3.32 Million
2016 3.40 Million
2017 3.47 Million
2018 3.53 Million

As shown in the table, the population of Meghalaya is increasing by an average of 0.0666 Million people every year. Hence we can estimate that the population of Meghalaya in the year 2019 will be around 3.60 Million (3.53 Million + 0.066 million).

Demography of Meghalaya

Most of the population of Meghalaya is tribal. The Khasi is the biggest tribe of Meghalaya followed by the Garos and Jaintias. Meghalaya has recorded the population growth of 27.82% which is highest among the all north eastern state of India as per the census of 2011. Meghalaya is one of three states in India with Christian Majority. 75% of the total population follows the Christianity.

Population Density and Growth of Meghalaya

The population Density of Meghalaya is 132 persons per square kilometer. The population of Meghalaya has grown with the rate of 27.95% in the last decade while the population growth of Meghalaya was 29.94% between the years 1991 to 2001. The population growth of Meghalaya is higher than the national average of previous decade. The population of Meghalaya shapes 0.25% of total Indian Population as of 2011 census.

Facts about Meghalaya

  • The main tribes of Meghalaya are the Kahsis, Garos, and Jaintas. Each tribe follows their own tradition, culture, language and dress.
  • The Climate of Meghalaya is largely influenced by the south-west rain storm and the north eastern winter winds.
  • The economy of Meghalaya is depended upon the agriculture. The main crops of the state are rice, maize, potatoes, pineapples, papayas, bananas etc.
  • About 74.59 % people of Meghalaya follow Christianity. Hinduism and Islam are followed by 11.52% and 4.39% of the population respectively.
  • English is the widely spoken and official language of the state. Other popular languages of the state are Garo and Khasi.
  • Meghalaya has two seats in Lok Sabha (one from Shillong and Tura each) and one Rajya sabha seat.

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