Population of Karnataka 2019: Population Density and Growth of Karnataka

Karnataka is an Indian state, situated in the southwestern region of the country. Formed in the year 1956, the state was originally named as ‘State of Mysore’, which was later renamed as Karnataka in 1973. The state is surrounded by Maharashtra to the north, Kerala to the south, the Arabian Sea to the west, Andhra Pradesh to the east, Telangana to the northeast, Tamil Nadu to the southeast, and Goa to the northwest. With an area of 191,976 square kilometers, it is the seventh largest Indian state. Bangalore is the capital city and the largest too. Talking in terms of population, it is the eighth largest state with 61,130,704 inhabitants as per the 2011 census.

Population of Karnataka in the year 2019

In the year 2011, the total population of Karnataka was 61,130,704 with 30,966,657 (50.7%) male and 30,128,640 (49.3%) female. To calculate the population in the year 2019, let’s first have a look at the population for the previous 5 years.

2014 – 64.06 million

2015 – 65.8 million

2016 – 66 million

2017 – 66.8 million

2017 – 67.6 million

If it continues to grow at the same rate of 0.8 million people per year, the estimated population in the year 2019 will be 67.6 million + 0.85 million = 68.45 million. So, the population of Karnataka will become around 68.45 million in 2019.

Demography of Karnataka

The literacy rate of Karnataka was 75.36% overall. 82.47% of males and 68.08% of females were literate. Out of the total population, 84% of people were of Hindu religion, 12.92% were Muslim, 1.87% were Christian, 0.72% were Jains, 0.16% were Buddhist, 0.05% were Sikh and 0.02% were from other religions and 0.27% of the population did not state their religion. The official language of the state is Kannada and is spoken by around 66.26% of the total state population. Other languages been spoken include Urdu (10.54%), Telugu (7.03%), Tamil (3.57%), Marathi (3.6%), Tulu (3.0%), Hindi (2.56%), Konkani (1.46%), Malayalam (1.33%) and Kodava Takk (0.3%).

Population Density and Growth of Karnataka

The total population density of Karnataka was 319 persons per km. with a population of 61,130,704 in an area of 191,976 square kilometers, as per the 2011 census. There was an increase of 15.6% in the population as in the year 2001. Bangalore was counted amongst the highly dense city with a density of 4381 people per sq. km. which earlier was 2985 in the year 2001.

Facts about Karnataka

  • Bangalore, the capital city of the state is considered as a major hub if IT companies in the country, attraction professionals from all over India.
  • Owing to its varied geography and history, the state is also a major attractive spot for the tourists all over the world, having sculptured temples, scenic hills and forests and beaches.
  • The waterfalls from the Kudremukh mountain range of Karnataka are counted amongst the ‘1001 Natural Wonders of World’.
  • Several premier science and technology research centers, such as Bharat Electronics Limited, Indian Space Research Organization, Central Power Research Institute, and Central Food Technological Research Institute, have their headquarter in Karnataka.
  • Private sectors in the specialty healthcare field in Karnataka are counted amongst the world’s best services.

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