Population of Gujarat In 2019: Demography of Gujarat

Gujarat is one of the most vibrant states in India which is known for its rich history and cultural heritages all across the world. The capital is Gandhinagar which lies on the outskirts of the north-central city of Ahmadabad. One can feel the ancient history embedded deep into its soil by visiting different places of old Indus valley civilization, traces of which can be found in Lothal and Dholavira. The state was formed in 1960, when the former Bombay state was divided between Maharashtra and Gujarat on the basis of language.

Geographical Location:  It is located on the country’s western coast, on the Arabian Sea. It covers the entire Kathiawar Peninsula (Saurashtra) as well as the surrounding area on the mainland.

The state is bounded primarily by Pakistan to the northwest and by the Indian states of Rajasthan to the north, Madhya Pradesh to the east, and Maharashtra to the southeast.

Gujarat shares its southeastern border with the Union Territory Dadra and Nagar Haveli and surrounds Daman and Diu with Arabian Sea.

Population of Gujarat In 2019

The population of Gujarat State was 60,439,692, in 2011 as per the census. According to the data, the state has a sex ratio of 919 females for 1000 males, one of the least among the 29 states in India.

To check the population of Gujarat in 2019, we need to take a brief look at the trend of population in the past 5 years-

  1. 2014 – 63.9 Million
  2. 2015 – 65.2 Million
  3. 2016 – 66.1 Million
  4. 2017 – 67.16 Million
  5. 2018 – 68.052 Million

Since accurate prediction of population is not something that can be achieved easily, we can still get an idea of the latest figure with the help of thorough analysis of past population trends. On analyzing the given data, we found that every year the population increases by approximate 0.892 Million people. Hence, the population of Gujarat in 2019 is forecast to be 68.052 Million + 0.892 Million = 68.944 Million.

So, the population of Gujarat in the year 2019 as per estimated data will be 68.944 Million.

Demography of Gujarat

The diversity of people constituting the Gujarati population may be categorized broadly as either Indic (northern-derived) or Dravidian (southern-derived).While Majority of population speaks Gujarati but the cities of Ahmadabad & Surat are crowded with people from different communities. Out of total population of Gujarat, 42.60% people live in urban regions. Portions of the mountainous region of southeastern Gujarat are populated almost entirely by tribal peoples.

Population Density and Growth in Gujarat

The population density of the state is 308 persons per square kilometer. Gujarat is the 9th greatest state in terms of Population in India. From a little figure of 50,671,017 in 2001, the number of people in the state has touched 60,439,692 in 2011. Population growth in Gujarat has seen a decline of 19.28% in this decade. Hinduism is majority religion in state of Gujarat with 88.57 % followers whereas Islam is second most followed one with 9.67 % of population following it.

State Symbols of Gujarat

Flower Marigold
Bird Greater Flamingo
Animal Asiatic Lion
Tree Mango

Interesting Facts about Gujarat

  • 80% of the valuable stone sold anywhere in the world are cleaned in Gujarat. The solitary non-Jews in the Tel Aviv and Jerusalem valuable stone are from Gujarat.
  • Palitana in Gujarat is the significant place in the world with more than 900 Jain temples.
  • Gujarat is locally known as jewel of the west.
  • Gandhinagaris greenest capital city in Asia.
  • India and Pakistan’s Father of Nations Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi also called Mahatma Gandhi and Muhammad Ali Jinnah both were Gujarati.
  • The architectural style of Gujarat known for its splendor and intricacy is preserved in monuments and temples of Somnath and Dwarka in the southwestern part of the state.
  • The Bhalia Wheat, Kucch Shawl & Embroidery, Sankheda Furniture, Gir Kesar, Patola Sarees has got the status of Geographical Indication Tag by Government of India.
  • Gujaratis are known for their multi-billion dollar diamond export business all over the world from Africa to the UK.

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